Happy 2022, Happy for Kids Too

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S.No. Name Profession City/Town Country Remarks
1 Kameswari Chebrolu Professor Mumbai India
2 Prabhat Architect New Delhi India
3 Dr Lalan Kumar Faculty IIT Delhi Delhi India
4 Madhu Belur Professor Powai, Mumbai India
5 Asheem Rsth Business owner Guegaon India
6 Umamaheshwar Software Hyderabad India
7 Rushil Tamboli Business Bhavnagar India
8 Deepika Social Media Delhi India
9 vimi rath architect gurgaon India
10 Kiran Martis Wholistic Healer Mumbai India We should deal with the mask menace too
11 Shashikant Kumar Professor Vadodara India Good effort, we must have informed decisions and parents rights for their wards must be protected. School should not be used to instigate vaccinated and non vaccinated children. Protection and guidelines must be followed, wait for natural immunity and work to achieve safety.
12 Shiv Golf professional New Delhi India We will win. So be it. It is done
13 Ashita Ghia Graphic Designer, baker Mumbai India
14 Loretta Rodrigues AIM Volunteer Mapusa India Great Effort, Bhaskaran. Well Done !
15 Siddharth Consultant Mumbai India
16 Dr Meghna Dentist Mumbai India Kids are innocent n God sent... they are precious ... we need to protect their life as they are minors and completely dependent on elders for their health, education and overall well-being..
17 Gurleen Kaur Software Engg Gurugram India
18 Sandip Real estate Akluj, Solapur, Maharashtra India This is very good initiative. I am ready to help others in any manner
19 Manisha Shah Business Jamnagar India Great Task. Keep Going.
20 Snehal Narendra Rane Housewife Worli, Mumbai India You are doing good job. Not only me my family will be there with u.
21 Aloka Mehta Gambhir Writer Mumbai India
22 Shweta Aviation professional Mumbai India I need my son to go to school otherwise he and I will both go mad . With both of us in aviation. I have taken a leave without pay to be with my son as my husband is constantly flying and I’m exhausted . This is the rant of a v exhausted mother who just wants her kid to have a normal childhood
23 Sanjeev Sabhlok former IAS and economist Gurugram India I welcome this initiative and will share on my social media accounts.
24 Anju Homemaker Noida India Learning more
25 Vandana Netropathy Mumbai India I don't want jab
26 Trupti Geospatial scientist - holistic health coach Nagpur India This all vaccine drama should stop not.
27 Vinay Ribeiro Associate Professor IIT Bombay Mumbai India
28 Dr .Gaurav shrivastav Soul healing Practitioner Indore India
29 Saba Islam Educator Kolkata India Sounds really nice. Would love to know more and get involved further.
30 Firuzi Mehta Homeopathic physician Mumbai India Volunteering - whatever within my capacity. I don't do 'morchas'. :)
31 Mufassil Dingankar Homoeopath & Clinical Researcher Thane west India Let's safeguard our next generation, which these sinister minds are up to ending.
32 Pratiksha Mnc Bangalore India
33 Meherangiz Homoeopath Mumbai India
34 Mohamad Shaved Investor Lucknow India
35 Joan Counsellor Porvorim, Goa India
36 Divya Teaching Chandigarh India
37 Pratiksha Mnc Bangalore India
38 HPatel Business Thane India
39 Hema Balasubramaniam Self employed Bangalore India
40 Ambar koiri Electronics Engineer Mumbai India A very good initiative... Will spread as much as possible ..
41 Nataraja Krishnappa Business Bangalore India
42 Aditi Sirdeshpande Entrepreneur Mumbai India
43 Mahrukh kanga Teacher MUMBAI India
44 Sangeeta Patil Service Mumbai India
45 AJIT SINGH Doctor Jalandhar India
46 Pushkar Kulkarni Consultant Pune India
47 Ramendra Pati Pandey Assistant Professor Sonepat India It's my pleasure to join THE CHAIN-FOR-CHILDREN'S-CHEER
48 Pavan Kumar Hari Assistant Professor Mumbai India
49 Manoj Kumar Bhuyan Social worker Chhatrapur India I would like to help voluntarily.
50 Mukesh kumar Clerk budhpur India यह हमारा अधिकार भी है और हमारा अपने देश संविधान केअनुछेद 51क के अनुसार होने के नाते यह दायित्व भी है के हम अपने देश की जनता के लिए सकारात्मक कदम उठाए एवम जनता को जागरूक करें
51 Deepali Homemaker Nasik India Happy to join Hoping to improve the situation for kids
52 Aneek Debnath Student Siliguri India
53 Manoj Kumar Patnaik Teacher Chhatrapur India
54 Varalakshmi Bogale Architect Hyderabad India
55 Priya Architect Bangalore India
56 Upasna Sharma Professor New Delhi India
57 Kierron Matte Software Engineer Pune India I will circulate your information to all parents
58 Kavita C Service Mumbai India Children are the future of the Country. They have to be saved!
59 Ziana Student Mumbai India
60 Sameer Ghumkar Business Mumbai India
61 Sumit Chowdhury Independent filmmaker Kolkata India
62 Riddhiman Basu IT Professional Kolkata India Children should not be exposed to experimental vaccines.
63 Shivashankar J Software Bangalore India
69 Sanjay Khairnar Electronics Engineer Mumbai India
71 Soumi Business Kolkata India
72 Sonee Prasad Home maker Mumbai India Great move to save our children!
73 Ameet Panchal Doctor Mumbai India My daughter is in college...but my friend whose daughter is in school asked me to join in because the cause is worthy.
74 Biswadeep Datta IT Professional Kolkata India I support the cause. The children should NOT be vaccinated. The vaccination of children should be stopped at any cost.
75 Shaikh Amreen Student Mumbai India No
76 Swagata Ray Software Engineer Kolkata India
77 Anita Shyamkumar Business Chennai India
78 Lok Sevak Teacher Samba India
79 Debasis Laha Teacher, writer Kolkata India Much-needed endeavour.
80 chetan self employed bangalore India
81 Merlyn Chacko Educator Bangalore India
82 Mohamed Sayeed Merchant IT Consultant Pune India
83 Sathya Prakash CNC Programmer Bangalore India
84 Harish Prabhu Information Technology Bangalore India A great and much needed initiative to protect our children from medical mafia and tyranny.
85 Theresa Dsouza Retired Karama United Arab Erimates I would like to see kids happy and smiling. Of course would like to know the motto of happy kid institution.
86 Nilesh Jeurkar Tax Professional Mumbai India I strongly identify with the cause and pledge to spread chain to maximum possible extent.
87 Asheem Rath Business Owner Gurgaon India
88 Dr Veena Raghava Anaesthesiologist Bangalore India
89 Camillo Farmer Moodbidri India
90 R Nandakumar Working professional Bangalore India
91 Shripad G hegde Business Bangalore India
92 Pampi Housewife Kolkata India
93 Srikantan M Engineer Bangalore India
94 Agneline Madtha Housewife Mumbai India
95 NANCY VARKEY Service A 106, Palatial Height CHS, Chandivali, Mumbai 400072 India
96 Arup Maitra Retired Gov Employee Kolkata India Please note that, not only schools for kids and children are closed for last two years but also all children parks, numbering 300 under KMC are closed in Kolkata. So children are literally under house arrest.
97 Mahendra Parmar Service MUMBAI India
98 Supratik Chakraborty Professor, IIT Bombay Mumbai India Signing in my personal capacity.
99 Shrikrishna Rasam Service Mumbai India
100 Ali Abbas .. Andheri East Mumbai India
101 Chaitanyasingh Bist Student Mumbai India
102 Niranjan Pvt Bhubaneswar India M with truth always, if a true group chenges to false, mee too leave the group
103 Hamsini Ravi Communication Mumbai India
104 Preet Kwatra Self employed Chandigarh India
105 Sridhar Engineering Hyderabad India All so-called 'health' measures are so anti-human. It's unbelievable why many people have still not woken up. We need to awaken doctors, nurses, and cops on an urgent basis. They will take care of awakening others
106 Subham Saha Student Raiganj India
107 Harshita Freelancer Bangalore India
108 Chethana Home Bangalore India
109 Jasmin Shroff -- Mumbai India
110 Dr Arun prasad T Doctor Mudipu, Mangalore India
111 Deepti Heblekar House wife Mumbai India Yes i will do my best. Due to health issues i cant go out and join you all for walk or rally but i will do my best being at home.
112 Prakash udikeri Self employed Belgaum India
113 Tohid Ahmed Pathan Simpel AAndheri West India
114 Sriram Consultant - QMS Solar plants Bengaluru India Let's protect children our hopes and dreams from the pharma mafia
115 Ashok M, Chorge Freelancer Thane India Save Child to save Humanity.
116 Ravi Bhandari Parent and Educator Jodhpur India
117 Jacky Prakashlal Athwani Self employed Ulhasnagar India
118 Jabeen Taj Self employed BENGALURU India
119 Ashvin Rath Student Gurgaon India
120 Lt Col Vimal Kamal Retd. Col Indian Army Meerut India
121 Lt Col Vimal Kapahi Retd. Col Indian Army Meerut India
122 Chetan Jain Travel Meerut India
123 Ajay Tankedar School Sagar City India No
124 Swapna Housewife Pune India
125 Ajay chandrappa tankedar No Sagar city India Gave me laptop 💻 please 🥺
126 Sandip Chakraborty Associate Professor Kharagpur India
127 Humar shaikh Student Andheri West Mumbai Maharashtra India
128 Vikram Sindhu Teacher Rohtak India Working on awareness about AGENDA-21 and AGENDA-2030 since December 2019. Already lost my one youtube channel. Having a reach to almost 500+ people out of which 100+ are my active followers through various means. Whisleblower for my students/staff/society and relatives.
129 Pb It No India
130 Sankesh Shetty Student Mumbai India
131 Sarika vijendra sharma LEARNING Mumbai India
132 Roshan Boxing Mumbai India
133 Kavita rajora Travel New delhi India
134 Jyoti Jain Home maker Meerut India
135 Kruti Hospital Administrator Pune India
136 Chitralekha AD Editor Bangalore India
137 B C Shetty Business KARKALA India
138 B C Shetty Business KARKALA India
139 Prof. Rahul Patil Associate Prof. Mumbai India
140 Mona Social Enterprise Mumbai India Mona.doc@gmail.com I am happy to speak out at any forum.
141 Yash gupta I like Mahabharat India Good
142 Rehan shaikh Rehan Andheri India No
143 Kailesh Salaried Mumbai India
144 Anchal Business Gurugram India
145 Vineet Business Gurugram India
146 Padma Retired professor Chennai India Thank you
147 Subhashree bagmita swain Mother Bangalore India Thank you the great work.
148 Niswarth Kochar Sorurcing & Procurement Consultant Bangalore India
149 Chaitanya Home maker Banglore India
150 Nikitha Rangarajan Lawyer Bangalore India
151 Saby ghosh Service KOLKATA India
152 RAMASUBRAMANIAN N V Data Science & Analytics BANGALORE India
153 RAMASUBRAMANIAN N V Data Science & Analytics BANGALORE India
154 Aaditya Ola Student Sikar India I am an iit bombay student and I fully support this moment.
155 Saiful Islam ansari Safikul islam mumbai India
156 Siraj Khan Engineer Mumbai India
157 Manjula kapahi Professor Meerut India
158 Bhagyalata Das Retd. Gurgaon India
159 Om Damani Professor Mumbai India
160 Saraswathi B K IT PROFESSIONAL Mysore India
161 Jithin Isaac Professor Mumbai India You have my full support to stop this unscientific tyranny.
162 Khan Shoaib 9th Nalasupara India Thankyou so much
163 Nishevita Assistant Professor Mumbai India
164 Omyadav Car drive Mumbai India
165 Payal Subal Dandapat Student Mumbai / Maharashtra India
166 Ankan Ghosh Business Bally, Howrah India Stop jabbing our future generations
167 Riddhi Ram Salunke Student Mumbai /Maharashtra India
168 Heerak Jayesh Solanki Student Mumbai/Maharashtra India
169 Prosenjit Das Teaching Kolkata India Stop covid 19 vaccine trials
170 YOGENDER SINGH MORYA Employee Hyderabad India
171 Ashwini Microbiologist Bangalore India
172 Pooja Ramachandran Employed Mumbai India
173 dhruva kumar Self employed Bangalore India
175 Arati Khatu Education Pune, Maharashtra India I am trying to spread the word already. But this is a nice initiative. Happy to be connected.
176 Naresh B Shah Financial product Distributor Mulund India
177 Arati Khatu Education Pune, Maharashtra India I am trying to spread the word already. But this is a nice initiative. Happy to be connected.
178 Charan Singh Electronic Engineer Jaipur India
179 Kavitha Teaching Pune India
180 Dhananjay Real estate consultant Mumbai India
181 Neha Surana Housewife Pune India
182 Dr Atul Abhyankar Homeopath Pune India
183 Barun Mitra Concern citizen NEW DELHI India
185 Monty Designer Bangalore India
186 Anju Kothari Homemaker cum business wom Mum India
187 Rajini Senthil Alternative therapist Bangalore India
188 Rajendra Chavan Naturopathy practioner and councilier Sangli India
190 Munira Soni Psychologist Mumbai India
191 B Vinay Researcher Bangalore India
192 Udaypratap Business Bhandup west India
193 satish mishra IT consultant thane India
194 Anukaran singh Homemaker Jaipur India
195 Rajesh Shinde Director Holistic Healing Centre Karad India Fake Pandemic Fake RTPCR Fake Vaccines Today politician are above all doctors and scientists very bad.....
196 Anusha Ramanathan Assistant Professor Mumbai India
197 Rohit khanna Business consulting Mumbai India
198 Prashant Jagtap Business consultant Pune India Hello , I m business consultant in salon and spa and training and development
199 Anjana Iyer Business Bangalore India
200 Manvi Art iit Mumbai India
201 Kavita Dubey Housewife Raipur India
202 Prakash gardi Shooting Mumbai India
203 Sunita goyal Govt service Panchkula India
204 Nayana Information Technology Ernakulam India
205 Dr Purushothaman S HR Professional Chennai India
206 Sanjeev Kumar Singh Pvt job Bangalore India
207 Sapna Natural health practitioner Mumbai India
208 Diya Student Mumbai India
209 Vandana Nagar Teacher Mumbai India Together we can ... And together we will recreate a safe and free world for our children!
210 Jennifer Thomas Educator Thane India
211 Gurumurthy Kasinathan Ngo Bengaluru India We must come together to ensure children's interests drive decisions on schooling
212 Loknath Freelance Rayagada India
213 Anoop yadav Pharmaceutical Mumbai India
214 Harpreet Kaur Student Mumbai India
215 Anita Shrikkant Self Mumbai India
216 Onkar Desai Engineer Mumbai India Worldwide reasearch has shown that Kids are not at all vulnerable to Covid. In fact, the mental trauma of lockdown, social distancing is harming them, their development big time.
217 Munaf Kotawdekar Software Engineer Navi Mumbai India
218 Heramba 2nd PUC Banglore India Me as a student.... I don't like to take vaccine as I have saw many many ...n number of effects of vacc ine
219 Alka Kumari Student Chittaurgarh India Students are deprived of things which they should get. I personally felt that they are becoming weak.
220 Pratik Freelancer Siliguri India Completely agree with the movement.
221 Omkar Balli Education Mumbai India
222 Pooja Healer/Paranormal Investigator Navi Mumbai India Thank you for this Initiative 🙏♥️
223 Apoorva Ghatge Lawyer Old Panvel India
224 AJAY KUMAR SINGH Teacher MUMBAI India supporting a cause of urgent attention otherwise it might turn into a disaster
225 ankit jain Business bhayander India I am against all the elites agenda ! Full support to AIM❤️
226 Priti Software engineer Bangalore India
227 Anjana Iyer Business Bangalore India
228 Hemina Business Mumbai India
229 Md Mohsin Alam Student Chittaurgarh India Yes
230 Dr Neha Gupta Independent Nutrition Consultant Mumbai, Maharashtra India Please continue this good work of getting children back to leading normal lives and stop the torture in the name of Covid !
231 Dr Neha Gupta Independent Nutrition Consultant Mumbai, Maharashtra India Please continue this good work of getting children back to leading normal lives and stop the torture in the name of Covid !
232 Santosh Service Delhi India I am really happy to see people starting such campaign which is long overdue. Hope that authorities take notice of it and do not close the schools at drop of the hat which is a punishment to kids without any fault of their's. Also, the campaign may help in removing unnecessary fear from those parents who are not sending their kids to schools whenever they are open.
233 Sherwin Rogers Businessman Mumbai India Please open mumbai schools for all the classes. Children are depressed. Some are even indulging in nefarious activities and developing suicidal tendencies. May God bless everyone associated with this campaign. More power to you.
234 Sanjiv Chawra Business Pune India
235 Dr.Sweta Sinha Scientist Delhi,India India Childhood is precious.... lets join hands for memorable experience in today's kids life.
236 Dr Sonal Jain Hematopathologist Gurgaon India School gates must remain open
237 Vaishali Banerjee Teacher Jamshedpur India
238 Ayesha Umrigar Housewife Mumbai India I am against vaccination for all be it kids or elders
239 Payal Student Delhi India
240 Anu Engr Delhi India
241 Ridhi Homemaker Pune India
242 Purvi Gala Artist Maharashtra India
243 Saleha Bambotia Educationist Mumbai India
244 Abhishek Computer repair services & social activities Ichalkaranji India Long live true humanity
245 Moushmi Mehla Teacher Mumbai India I strongly believe just like economy, even education is important and we can no longer wait till the damage to children mental health become irreparable. With proper awareness, discipline & precaution we should just go ahead and start schools.
246 Reet Homemaker Mumbai India
247 Neha Homemaker Mumbai India
248 Rekha Desai Councilor Mumbai India Request to open yhe school with No covid testing for children
249 Gautham Nayak Engineer Mumbai India
250 G G Shruthi Student Chennai India
251 Smita sinha Senior scientific officer New Delhi India
252 Khadija Fakhri Entrepreneur Mumbai India I fully support resumption of school and other activities
253 Alankrit BAJPAI Student and Ideas analyst Delhi India Its high time I urge Governments across the country to come up with SOPs of Educational Institutions as well because this Covid-19 will not going to get wiped completely for the long time. If the educational Institutions will be kept off for such a long time then it is harming the Nation's Future and Student's present. And this wave of Covid-19 seems to be a very mild one and the children are already having high immunity. Therefore, it is literally not good to keep them inside homes.
254 KHALID Software Consultant MUMBAI India Children are being dragged every where during pandemic to parties, get together, malls, weddings, birthday parties then why not school?
255 Somleena It Mumbai India
256 MADIHA SIDDIQUI student mumbai India
257 Jai Ganesh Engineer Bangalore India
258 Rachna Mandal Art Director Mumbai India
259 Ashwini H. Professional Mumbai India Good Initiative.
260 Savi Housewife Mumbai India We need to save our children.
261 Mansi Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant Mumbai India
262 Atul Mittal Finance Mumbai India
263 Shruti Jain Working MUMBAI India
264 Mohan IT Mumbai India Let alone schools and children. I have been anti-lockdown from day 1. A pathogen that is as pervasive as Covid is unstoppable. This was evident from March 2020. But instead of accepting reality, we have done everything we can to try and stop it. This is like trying to stop a tsunami wave with your bare hands. None of the waves were ended due to our actions. Epidemiology curves are self limiting and the waves ended all by themselves. That’s my view. Let’s give kids back their lives.
265 Priti Arora Business Jharkhand India
266 mayur jain business meerut India schools should remain reopen as children lost their path ,vision,enjoyment of learning, fear of exam to perform good and many more things they should learn how to grow up in their life to stand for the future and most importantly we must also have a look for those who plays important role for their accessories like books stationaries , uniforms ,etc ,they are helpless now they can't beg nor they can suicide just stay open the schools for children and for society.
267 Mubina M Dingankar. Self employed. Navi Mumbai. India
268 Gian Student Pune India
269 Chitra Structural engineer Mumbai India
270 Sanjay Gharat Business Thane India
271 Payal Patel Educator Mumbai India
272 Animesh Saha Business Durgapur India Students are our Countrie's future. If we supress their basic rights, then we all have to pay a heavy price in our near future. Online learning cannot replace in-person learning.
273 Tarun Kochar Banker Mumbai India Children should have right to education in physical mode.
274 Manas Jha Amazon Mumbai India
275 Sree IT Mumbai India
276 Chandrakant Bora Teacher Mumbai India
277 Anam and Alina Student Andheri West Mumbai India
278 Harsh Gupta Student Pune India Keep up the good work.
279 Amit shakya Investment banking Delhi India
280 Vijay Government Delhi India
281 Abhirup Ghosh Postdoc Cambridge United Kingdom
282 Sunil S. Technical Architect Chicago United States of America
283 MADIHA SIDDIQUI student mumbai India
284 Abhishek Kumar Student Ambernath India
285 Nandini Dipty Student Deoghar India A much needed start. Please help we college students also who are fully vaccinated yet deprived of their college life.
286 Komila CA Mumbai United States of America
287 Radha Kolwalkar Educator Bangalore India
288 Sanjiv Agarwal Business Calcutta India
289 Prerak Thakkar Software Engineer Pune India
290 Vijay Government Delhi India
291 Dheeraj Jain Architect Delhi India
292 Suraj Nanaware Service Thane India
293 Dr Durgaprasad Hiwale Doctor Ahmednagar India
294 Juzer Accounts Mumbai India Great initiative
295 Ganesh Service Kolhapur India
296 Rupa Housewife Hyderabad United Kingdom
297 Chuks Business Pune India I totally concur with your objectives
298 Palash Jain Software Engineer Indore India We should all do our part in this.
299 Mayuresh Jaywant Wagle Advertising MALAD E mumbai India
300 Anoop Dangui IT Professional Pune India
301 Shonaly Alva Banker MUMBAI India
302 Srihari Dukkipati Researcher Hyderabad India
303 Vipul Shetty Service Mumbai India Parents should be counseled to send their kids t o school.
304 Biswabandan Panda Professor Mumbai India
305 Sunita Koiri Sales Bhandup west ,Mumbai India
306 Shweta Kulkarni Research Pune India
307 Veena Padmanabhan Volunteer Gurgaon India
308 Charmi Dedhia Software Engineer Mumbai India
309 Melroy C.F.Fernandes Farmer Mangalore India i have read the statement and agree with it.
310 Manisha Vyas Doctor Pune India
311 Shivani Jain Housewife Pune India
312 Rupinder Naturopath Gurgaon India
313 Anshu Batra Teacher Mumbai India
314 Sneha shah Salaried- services Mumbai India
315 Manpreet Homemaker Mumbai India Kudos to this noble and active thought
316 Akshay Academician Mumbai India
317 Chetana Kulkarni House wife Kudal,Sindhudurg, Maharashtra India Its very important. 👍
318 Mallika Iyer Writer Mumbai India Need of the hour. In the early stages, one didn't know what we were grappling with. Now, with more information and understanding, our responses cannot continue to be the same.
319 Bharath Shekar Academician Mumbai India
320 MUTHUSUBRAMANIAN N V Electronics Engineer Bangalore Urban India
321 Shamin Padalkar Pune India
322 Moneshi Ceramic Artist Mumbai India
323 Uma Kogekar Ceo Mumbai India
324 Shilpa BHalerao Entrepreneur Pune India
325 Ruchi sabharwal Principal Maharashtra, Mumbai India I would like to be part of this group if possible.
326 Sumit Thorat Student Nashik India
327 Mayuri Gite HR Pune India
328 Ashutosh Jagnani Pharmaceutical exports Mumbai India
329 Kamal Sidhu Tv Host / Entrepreneur Mumbai India Evolution has endowed a survival advantage to children to combat known and unknown pathogens. From maternal antibodies in the first months of life to the early and frequent infections endured in the first years of life, children build their pool of T and B cells preventing future infection and disease. Nature has ensured a child’s immune system is prepared and fit to react to novelty pathogens. Edited from The Lancet.
330 Sneha shah Salaried- services Mumbai India
331 Anusha S Education practitioner Bengaluru India
332 Sneha shah Salaried- services Mumbai India
333 Monica Katiyar Teacher Kanpur India
334 Parasuram Venkatesh Student Bangalore India As a student in an integrated PhD program who was himself a child not too long back, I am extremely disappointed at how easily the alleged adults in the room have forgotten about the lives of children and how they so often seem to trivialise the difficulties they face. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.
335 Narayan Rangaraj Professor Mumbai India
336 Ansari Saad Soroor Student Mumbai India
337 namrata Chawla Media Karnal India
338 Marzia Education Practitioner Bengaluru India
339 Maria Teacher Tamil Nadu India
340 Maria Teacher Tamil Nadu India
341 Dr. Aayushi Kothari Cosmetic Dentist Bhavnagar India
342 Vigneswaran Assistant professor Coimbaytore India
343 soni s Researcher Bany India
344 Jabeen Taj Self employed BENGALURU India I stand against vaccinating kids
345 Sangeetha House maker Bangalore India
346 Ravishankar Krishnamurthy Natural Medical Practitioner Bangalore India Vaccination is a distaste in itself. Children cannot be a part of this menace. I am completely against it.
347 Nico Goghavala Restauranteur Mumbai India
348 Srini Ramakrishnan Professor Mumbai India
349 K V Subrahmanyam Teacher Chennai India
350 Rekha Programmer London United Kingdom Thank you for everything you are doing.
351 Nitin Data Analyst Chandigarh India
352 Rajneesh sharma Engineer Varanasi India I am with truth
353 Eshika Agarwal Software Engineer Kolkata India
354 mohamed kasim Business Mumbai India
355 Prabhakaran Teaching Mumbai India I support keeping the schools open for providing complete social experience to kids.
356 Mudit Gotal Student Mumbai India
357 ROHINI SINGH Counselor LUCKNOW India
358 Sahithyan Research Associate Chennai India
359 Suganya Research Chennai India
360 Gajendra Kumar Jena Software Engineer Bengaluru India I have been looking for this from long back.
361 Priya Sankaran Yoga Teacher Chennai India
362 Tanvi ARORA Researcher Hyderabad India
363 Sindhu Sisupal Home baker Bangalore India
364 Neha Sharma student bhiwadi India
365 Rushikesh Dhoran Student Malkapur India
366 venkatesh kumar student daudnagar India
367 Deepanjali Surendran MD medicine PONDICHERRY India We need to urge government to urgently resume school and college education
368 K Ramaswamy Business Erode India
369 Subashini Doctor Erode India
370 Sachin Student Dheli India
371 Vivek Sivaraman Software Chennai India
372 Sandeep rawat Student Delhi India
373 ABHAY SINGH SANDHU student HANUMANGARH India a very good initiative, it would definitely benefit many, if this reaches to masses
375 Dibyaranjan Mallick Electrical Engineer Cuttack India A good initiative during pandemic.
376 Dhanesh Menon Business Bangalore India Yes I agree to the fact that children should be back to school asap
377 Eshmita Girhotra Preparing for Armed Forces Delhi India Read your Article on THE HINDU. Brilliant Initiative 👍🏼 Let’s bring the change together 🌻
378 Lavanya Chartered accountant Chennai India Would love to see children going to school in 2022
379 MANSHI NAGAR STUDENT SOUTH GOA India Definitely a need of the hour initiative.
380 Nilanjan Saha Banker Kolkata India
382 Kiran Morve Surana Government servant Vashi Navi Mumbai India
383 Sikha Kaushik Salaried Faridabad India
384 manogna nalluri Software engineer Visakhapatnam India
385 Nimitha P Doctor Malappuram India
386 Gaurav Singh Student New delhi India
388 MANJUNATH VENKAPPA BADIGER Forestry Graduate Mudhol India
389 Harish Vemula Software engineer Seattle United States of America
390 Harish Vemula Software engineer Seattle United States of America
391 Dandi pavan kumar Student Hyderabad India
392 Muskan Maurya Student Arwal India Hi. I truly appreciate this initiative and I really wanted to work regrading this. Today, while reading the Hindu, I went across the article of Mr. Bhaskaran Raman and his words totally resonated with me so here I am signing up for tha cause and believe to bring more people for our future sake. I being a college student and stuck in home for last 2 years can relate what's going on in reality.
393 Ramkumar Lakshmanan Government service Mohannagar PO, Salem Dt. India
394 Ashvini Ranjan Social worker Founder Trustee, Pratham Mysore NGO Mysore India Even before the pandemic rural children from impoverished homes with less than adequate nutrition found learning a challenge. With closure of schools for close to two years and deprived of even the midday meal, it is a huge set back not just to learning but to the wellbeing of the child as well. The loss is truly difficult to quantify considering 60% of child population live in the villages.
395 Yogesh Employee Kochi India Good initiative for children's future.
396 Ankita Gorai Student Asansol India
397 Sarathy Engineer Chennai India Kids would be back in school immediately.
398 Harshit Ranjan Dhariwal Aspirant Ghaziabad India
399 yuvraj kumar student khagaria , bihar India
400 Kavin Muruganandam Student Madurai India I support this cause with all my heart and as Prof. bhaskaran Raman stated Children shouldn't be violated of their rights. Jai Hind
401 Samiksha Student Motihari India Children deserve a better life through a better education.
402 Anukriti Teacher Jaipur India
403 Shiva Student Hyderabad India
404 Preksha Vashistha Student REWARI India
405 balachander p Assistant Professor Chennai India
406 Rohit kumar Student Hazaribag, Jharkhand India
408 Kandakatla Raviteja Student Nachinapalli India
409 Nandana S Collage Student Marthandam India I got the information about this initiative from OPED of The Hindu newspaper, the article was very relatable and due to the closure of school students are unable to social interact....
410 Dipanshu Pal Student Kolkata India
411 Shelly jain Student Indore India
412 Palani Rajan Student Chennai India Children have been struggling with one of the longest school closures in the recent past. It is high-time we understand their mental needs and protect their rights for a happy life.
413 PRIY MEDHANKAR Student Azamgarh India Primary education is most important for development of chidrens
414 Shreya Student Firozabad India
415 Deepak bagoria Student New Delhi India I think Schools and colleges should reopen, I as a student of a college believe that study is a very important part of the life of a student, if he/she doesn't get basic study in the very starting period of their schools, they would feel lost in their next standards.
416 Naveen Student New Delhi India That's the good starting.
417 Shreya Student Firozabad India
418 Rachna Student Gurugram India
419 Saurav Singh STUDENT Faridabad India The future of any nation and in this case our nation resides in children. To secure a healthy, prosperous and well educated nation in future we need to invest in the education of our children today.
420 Shamini M Home maker Salem India
421 Vanchi Upsc aspirant Chennai India
423 Chanaveerappa Bammigatti Doctor Puducherry India
424 Ishita Law student Jind India
425 Anirudh Bhat Student Goa India
426 Aastha Kadbe Student Bhopal India
427 Krishnendu Doctor Trivandrum India
428 John Michael M Student in Masters in Hospitality Administration Thiruvananthapuram India
429 Satwik Student Nellore India
430 Gourav Student of delhi university Delhi India Dear members, My humble request to all of you. Education is a constitutional right of adults too. Colleges and university are significant way of learning about our societys and all with closing of this institution. India is harming our future so please appeals of university’s too..
431 Jumana Topiwala Artist Vishakhapatnam India I would like to see school open and filled with noisy happy children
432 Laetitia LE DOHER HR MANAGER Delhi India Kids need to return fully at school
433 Sarath Menon Student Trichur India Read about this today in Hindu. I think this is a great initiative. I would like to be a part of this.
434 Divya Shankar Engineer Bangalore India Read Professor Bhaskaran Raman's article on The Hindu and came here. I share the same views and would love to see this campaign come to fruition.
435 PUSHPALATHA Assist.Professor HYDERABAD India
436 Virender ravesh Student Kaithal India
437 Shoaib Akthar k Student Tiruchirappalli India
438 Shuvam Gupta UPSC Aspirant RANCHI India
439 BHUDEV KUMAR DWIVEDI Student Hoshangabad India This is a very initiative and I agree with all the things which I have read in the hindu editorial today.
440 A. Winny Fred Crossia Assistant Professor Tiruchirappalli India
441 Ramamoorthi Deivasigamani Business Coimbatore India Closing schools and colleges most unreasonable thing we have done.
442 Ankit Singh Student Ranchi India Good initiative
443 Vaibhav Singh Management Rewa India
444 Piyush Engineer Chandigarh Capital Region... India This is a great initiative and I hope it will be fruitful.
445 Ankur Engineer Gaya India
446 BRIJ MOHAN Business DELHI India Covid has spared children, we should spare them too. No more school closure.
447 Rajendra IAS aspirant Pune India
448 Adarsh kedia Job Cuttack India
449 Dr Arun Kaliaperumal Orthopedic Surgeon Jayankondam India
450 Anant Kumar Student Ranchi India
451 Adarsh Shastri Public Service New Delhi India I completely agree with the statement and truly believe we are building holes in the lives of our children. This is a mistake of gigantic proportions and will haunt coming generations.
452 Annu kumari Student Ranchi India
453 Pritika Arora Student new Delhi India
454 Navean Student Trivandrum India A great initiative. I am heartened to see that people of such high standing are spearheading an initiative which has been long pending. I hope we are successful in heralding a brighter future for children and students in India during this crisis.
455 Sandip Dhar Banker Siliguri India
456 Kishan gupta Student Delhi India Great initiative and I just want to say that #Education is the key to change and make a better world.opening of the schools and educational institutions is the most necessary not only for the children and students but also for our society and country.
457 Bhaskar Sharma NA Jodhpur India As India is a country which has one of the largest proportions of young population, it is our duty that we prioritize our attention towards their well-being. In order to take the best benefits from the demographic dividend and also to be among the top nations, it is very vital that we focus on the education of the future generations.
458 Raja Poladi IT Hyderabad India
459 Shikha Student Patna India Schools should be opened as soon as possible for good mental development of kids
460 Yash Aggarwal Student New Delhi India
461 RAM YERNENI IT PROFESSIONAL BANGALORE India I would like to spread awareness among my circle on immediate opening of schools. Thank you for taking this initiative. Regards, Ram
462 Vaishnavi Paul Student UP India
463 Bharathi Janakiraman Writer Bengaliru India Let's join hands for children community
464 Sukanya S Journalist Kochi India
465 Riya Razack Student Kozhikode India
466 arun dhayalan IT Chennai India
467 Ankit Kumar Engineer Bhagalpur India
468 Shivani Jha Student Delhi India Opening of the schools is the need of the hour because we are already behind in race of development and the set of children who are victims to this lockdown will become liability rather than asset for the country. Beside, in present they are missing the joy of being present in schools.
469 Keshav Student Delhi India
470 Manjeet Engineer Rajnandgaon India I am equally concerned about the closed schools. I deeply sympathized and want to do my bit.
471 Diksha Bharti Student Hapur India
472 Ameeta Psychotherapist Mumbai India Its horrific the way policy makers are destroying childhood, physical & mental development of children and filling up the minds and hearts of all parents and children with unnecessary fears!
473 Rohit Shirsat Student Pune India I have been here from reading The Hindu article .This is great initiative I appriciate it.I am engineering student and I know very well that the how online education destroy our education and mainly skills and other social development.I definately share and invite more and more people to join us.Thank you once again for this wonderfull initiative .
474 Raja Shekhar Rao AGM, BSNL Hyderabad India I observed on number of occasions that children along with their parents are going to crowded places, like functions, entertainment zones, where there is a lot of risk of covid infections. If schools are reopened with proper precautions then there will not be any risk of infections. Infact, with more and more physical activities in schools, the immunity power of children will be increased. In rural areas, poor children will be benefitted with midday meal.
476 Rupali Student Delhi India
477 pankaj yadav student gonda India Don't stop them making their future.
478 Lavanya Kapoor Student New Delhi India
479 Sakshi baliyan Doctor Meerut India
480 Sridevi Gopalakrishna Principal Chennai India I strongly recommend opening of schools and urge policy makers, parents, doctors to voice their opinions. It is an emergency situation and we must restore children's robbed childhood. Now.
481 Sakshi Pandey Student Allahabad India
482 Arman Siddiqui Teacher Barabanki India
483 Anas kakkavayal Student kakkavayal po, kalpetta wayanad India
484 Pavithra Devi Clinical research and Data Management Bangalore India
485 Asha Valsan Product Lead Hyderabad India
486 Sudeer kumar pachikoru Banker Mumbai India
487 Padmapriya Educator Chennai India Proud to be part this great cause.
488 Bensiah Academic Coordinator Chennai India We love to cheer up students.
489 Sanjana Student Lucknow India
490 Rucha Student Pune India I read article regarding this issue in The Hi du. It gave a new perspective, thanks!
491 Yasmeen Khan Student Gurgaon India
492 Digvijay rai Law student in B.H.U Varanasi India
493 Lydia Shirley S Teacher Chennai India It's our duty to mould young minds to hear them up to face the challenges in life. It's not fair to keep them away from School.
494 Rochy George Art teacher Chennai India
495 Sushmitha Debnath Teacher Chennai India
496 Srividhya Teacher Chennai India
497 Geeta kamboj Teacher Chennai India
498 Abhishek Sharma Student Ghaziabad India
499 Vinitha KG teacher Chennai India
500 Rishab Student Rohtak, Haryana India
501 Mahalakshmi Ambroke Teacher Chennai India
502 Bipin Kumar Student New Delhi India I want to volunteer but I have time constraint. I am really sorry but I cannot guarantee my availability for volunteering but I will try my level best and I will surely spread the news.
503 srivani student hyderabad India
504 Swati Student Panchkula India It's been 2 years of school closure. Schools are the most important part of one's life and children are missing it. They are not only missing education but also their childhood,and it is affecting their growth and their all round development. The children of this generation will lack skills and certain values. Schools should be opened as soon as possible or their should be an alternative.
505 Ranjitha Raaju Teacher Chennai India
506 sangeetha Teacher Chennai India
507 Varshini German teacher Chennai India
508 Shubham keshri Unemployed student Nepanagar India
509 Ankit Jha Actor Delhi India Yes, schools should be open as soon as possible. I can see my younger cousins suffering while sitting at home and wasting their time on video games and mobile phones because they have nothing else to do!!
510 Babita Yadav University student New Delhi India
511 K a Alok gowda Student Bengaluru India
512 Devipriya Doctor Chennai India I can't bear my area kids Hands holding mechanic Tools..
513 Asha Kumari Study Jamshedpur India
514 Anshika Garg Student Delhi India
515 ABHISHEK SINGH Student Lucknow India Great initiative.
516 Pranitha Home maker Bengaluru India
517 Mehak Daga Law Student at Faculty of law, Delhi University Delhi India
518 Rubecca Teacher Chennai India
519 Shanmuga Priya v Teacher chennai India
520 Nayeemaa Teacher Chennai India
521 Saranya Teacher Chennai India
522 Dr. N. Rajesh Kumar Professor Coimbatore India Nil
523 Hema Jindal Student Panipat India
524 Rashi Student Delhi India
525 Jayashree Dinesh Kumar Teacher Kelambakam, Chennai India
526 Raviranjan Singh Student Nagpur India
527 Deepthi Teacher Chennai India
528 Rajeev R Paramedical Trivandrum India
529 Kuldeep Student Jalandhar India
530 Guntakanti Sai Koushik Student @ IIT B Anantapur India Very good initiative ?👏👏
531 Uma Maheshwari Teacher Chennai India
532 Sehnaz Ahmed dentist gurugram India
534 Jasmeeta Singh Teacher[TGT,retired] New Delhi India I retired from teaching at the end of 2021and experienced the transition from normal school to online learning. Students and teachers managed to remain connected and also became co-partners in learning. But we all missed face to face interactions and thought that it would be for a short duration. It became frustrating when it continued on and on. Read Professor Bhaskaran Raman’s article today and decided to join the Chain -For- Children’s-Cheer
535 Ankit Patel Student Bareilly India
536 Sanya Teacher New Delhi India
537 Poorvi Student Kota India We cannot let it happen, they are future of Bharat, How can govt. push a campaigns like Atmanirbhar Bharat, up-skilling programs etc on one side and keeping schools closed on the other side, how can it be helping in any way? We don't need these campaigns in our future, and for that we need to open our schools today. I'm in support. ✊🏼
538 Ashu Kumar Student Patna India After reading the article by prof Bhaskaran Raman, I've been enlightened about the grave situation ongoing with childrens from all spectra, and it is a true cause to stand for.
539 Aabhas Student Meerut India
540 Tarun Kumar Singh Engineer Delhi India
541 RAHUL SINGLA BUSSINESS MAN Lehragaga India this decision is also like pandemic , mostly students are suffering from mental health issues. primary education is completely disturbed . Schools are not super-spreaders while elections are (which are most important), By closing schools we are violating children's right .Speak Up for children's.
542 Ajit Balan Educator Mumbai India
543 Kashish Student Kurukshetra India
544 Subhadeep Mandal Student Kolkata India Good initiative
545 Kashish Student Kurukshetra India
546 vedika kulkarni student Aurangabad India Good initiative.
547 Mohammad Mohsin Student New Delhi India Very appreciatable step for children's cheer. It's sad that government has given negligible priority to the schools and the future of tomorrow. I will hold it this firmly and try my best to connect people in this initiative. Thank you
548 Jainis kumar Student Kurukshetra India
549 Swapnil Student Noida India
551 Yukti Teacher Delhi India
552 vedika kulkarni student Aurangabad India
553 Prashant Rohal Studying Delhi India Cone together for the betterment of our children
554 Nanjapur Yaduraju Ag Scientist (Retd) Mysore India
555 Gaurav Singh Scholar Varanasi India
556 Pragya Sharma Petroleum Engineer Faridabad India
557 Sasanka Chabukdhara Aspirant Narayanapur India This will help fight for Children's Educational Inequality.
558 Jayesh Vazirani Doctor Ahmedabad India
559 Somesh pachauri Student MATHURA India
560 Kriti Naulakha Student Forbesganj India
561 Ajay Student New delhi India
562 Mannmohan IT Patna India Let's Unite the future Generations.
563 Freeda Teacher Chennai India
564 Vipul Gupta Pediatrician Chandigarh India I appreciate the initiative immensely and support the cause to protect our children from any further damage to lives of our children at the hands of irrational and unscientific approach to COVID-19 Pandemic. I will like to contribute in the role of research partner or guidelines reviewer apart from being the spreader of message also.
565 Lovish jain Student Delhi India
566 Dr.Dhaya Koshy Dentist Aluva,Kochi India
567 Shraddha Student Kurukshetra India I wish this new year brings happiness and success to the youth whose education is most suffered in the COVID pandemic times . It’s high time we realise the actual needs and expectations of the children from India. Thereby I stand and behooves all of the others to take their stand in the contribution .
568 Priyanka College student Gohana(sonepat) India
569 Arun Gour Student Indore,MP India Everyone wants growth of the nation, but sadly just few are aware that only base is education to improve it.education of kids is the only base which we have to focus on collectively, because individually to work on it not possible. Dr.Apj Abdul kalam sir told that education is only the key to open all doors to the nation which everybody needs to understand. Thanks for the initiative Raman sir. Nation needs you profound people not these fake politician to damage it.
570 SUNNY NAIN GOVT SERVICE Coonoor India All the best.
571 Uma Home maker Chennai India Allow the children to grow
572 Sridhar Retired Chennai India
573 Sunny Nain Govt Service Coonoor India All the best.
575 PUNAM SINGH Teaching Chennai India
576 ChandraShekher Mishra Student Varanasi India
577 Manjusha Unnikrishnan Data Engineer Pune India
578 Awadhesh Law student Varanasi India Quality work and efforts
579 Arun Singh Student Bangalore India
580 Rashmi Vohra Doctor Bathinda India
581 Hritik Student Jammu India
582 Himanshu Sonare Student, IIT Bombay Durg India
583 Neelam Student Bareilly India
584 Elizabeth Joseph doctor Thrissur India
585 Madhu dundayya swami Doctor Solapur India Education is the most important need for children at this moment
586 V.j rithvik Student Chennai India 😍
587 Harman Bhardwaj Aspirant Chandigarh India Very good initiative
588 Muskan Student Sonipat India
589 B.Nagendra Student Visakhapatnam India
590 Soumya Parimi Doctor, Pulmonologist Hyderabad India
591 Bakul Tanksale Software Pune India
592 Dr. Pragya Bali Medical officer Sundernagar India
593 Kriti Rathore Homemaker Kolkata India
594 Proteep Professor Bangalore India Very important initiative.
595 Sumit Student Varanasi India
596 Vaibhav Student Margao India
597 Arati Rai Preparation of compitative exam Jaunpur India
598 Raghav Jha Student Delhi India I am in 7th class and I want my school to reopen as I am unable to understand anything at home in online classes.
599 Anjali Jakhetia Teaching Ajmer India
600 Ravish Dubey Law Student Varanasi India
601 Avinash Student Mumbai India
602 Nishu Beniwal Still studying REWARI India
603 Siddhi bothra Student Mandsaur India
604 Shivangi Gupta NONE Allahabad India
605 Ananya Sinha Student New Delhi India
606 Karthikeyan Shrini Business Tiruvannamalai India
607 Khyati Purohit Doctor Ahmedabad India I am extremely disturbed to see children being deprived of the real school education. Particularly the economically poor children are in a miserable state. At my level,I would like to do whatever I can. I have already written to the CM and the PMO but there has been no response.
608 RAJKUMAR P Retd Bank Manager Pondicherry India Many many thanks to the Co-ordinator for such a movement for the cause of our Dear Children : I feel that the ONLY greatest LOSS due to the Pandemic is the LOST Childhood of our Children today in the midst of the pandemic period ! The effect of a pandemic goes as far as a few Decades, crosses a century, is what History has recorded so far; whatever other temporary loss has occurred, THIS will have bombarding effect on the future of the SOCIETY and its moral path; less moral Mortals r dangerous
609 Kalpana Home maker Madurai India Staying home is more harmful than the virus itself. Its affecting the physical, mental and emotional health of kids
610 Dr Rashi mehta jain Doctor, M.D.pathologist Ahmedabad India Would definitely like to join and help
611 Vineet Kumar Mishra Student Gonda India
612 Adarsh kumar sinha Fmcg Gaya India Great thinking
613 Shubhi Student Noida India Being a graduate student myself, I realise the importance human interactions play in our well-being. It is my responsibility as a member of this society to make sure the privileges of normal life I have had, is spread amongst the new ones equally. Our education system is not designed to be taught by online mode and till the time it is not made so, we are doing more harm than good.
614 Siva Kumar Mobile shop TIRUVANNAMALAI India
615 N Sagar Student Hyderabad India
616 Siva Kumar Mobile shop TIRUVANNAMALAI India
617 Siva Kumar Mobile shop TIRUVANNAMALAI India
618 N.Siva Kumar Mobile shop TIRUVANNAMALAI India
619 Nayana M R Teacher Mysore India
620 Pinki Lecturer Delhi India I totally agree that by closing schools for so long, we have violated children's fundamental right to get education. Schools should be made open now by taking aal the necessary precautions.
621 Niraj Pandey NA Nagpur India
623 Ayush Shrivastava Student Lalitpur India Thats the best thing i readed in todays THE HINDU newspaper, i always want to join these types of volunteers organization, i suggest we need to teach also some student of backward classes or the one who could not afford study.THANK YOU.
624 P K Ramya Free lancer Madurai India Children are missing the most precious part of life. Reopening schools with proper protocols will help them Physically and mentally.
625 RK Chakravarti Retired Banker Cgennai India Feel strongly about the plight of school m L going (missing) children
626 Aerica Student Panipat India I love the initiative. Allow me to help
627 Armin Zarir Shroff Teacher Nashik India
628 Mayank Gahlot Unemployed New Delhi India
629 Triveni Asatkar Engineer Balaghat India
630 Shamini M Home maker Salem India
631 Rachna goyal student NEW DELHI India
632 Navneet Singh Graduate Ramgarh, jharkhand India Govt must prioritise its policy with regard to deteriorating education sector and should protect it from getting worse . For a better future of our country we have to join the chain and pressurise govt of every states to take into account development of our future ( children ). Ignorance will only aggravate their situation and any developmental schemes or policies will not fructify until and unless we would not be able to supply human for human capital.
633 Sathwika Reddy Student Vidyanagar India This is a need of the hour initiative where States are forgetting regarding the mental trauma that kids are undergoing due to extended school closure.I would like to thank those who initiated this programme and also those who are volunteering in this mission
634 Shrinkhla Law student Lucknow India
635 LAV RAWAT Student Chamoli India
636 MAHENDRAN. S Driver Thiruvannamalai India
637 Mansi Sharan Shrivastava Student AMBIKAPUR India I just read the article published in the Hindu and was extremely happy to find out that there's a chain created for the same, would love to be a part of it
638 Anurag Singh Student Delhi India I support opening of school
639 Bhola shankar Student Bhilai nagar India
640 Vandana kandari Student Chamoli India
641 Purav Chaudhary Student Mathana, kurukshetra India Elated im felling !! To be a part of the same 🤩
642 Shashi Devi Aanganbadi worker Chamoli India
643 Priyal Student Kurukshetra, Haryana India
644 Nishu Kumari Law Student Noida India
646 abhishek shukla law student prayagraj India
647 Prasanna Ganesh Insurance Consultant Chennai India
648 Himanshi Student Kurukshetra India
649 Priyanshi student kurukshetra India
650 sejal gupta student lucknow India After comming across this article in the newspaper by sir Bhaskaran Raman, I really felt like something to be done as I can see the kids around me who are doing nothing and just sitting at home playing all day long and not being that productive as kids should be at this age and time.
651 Muskan Jaiswal Graduation Ayodhya Cantt India #openschoolsandcolleges
652 Ashutosh Dwivedi Student Delhi India Very important initiative and will be beneficial in tackling current situation
653 Sharleen Kaur Student Kurukshetra India
654 Sharleen Kaur Student Kurukshetra India
655 Sharleen Kaur Student Kurukshetra India
656 Mayuri Working Hyderabad India It is a good initiative as there are a lot of students affected but covid protocols should also be emphasized.
657 Rohit kumar Student Dalmianagar India i personally believe whatever the, this pandemic(covid) has done is not good for anyone, but there are some things that need not to be compromised and children education is one of them.
658 N Ramadas Government Service Chennai India
659 Anshika Student Patna India Just reading your article and knowing all the facts and figures about different countries had pushed me up to raise my voice against closure of all educational institutions. I would surely like to add one more that by promoting students government is gaining favour for them but in return students are at more greater risk for there future studies than just compltinv there academics on time.
660 shraddha singh unemployed Bhopal India
661 Betsy Thomas Accountant Tholassery.,Thiruvalla, pathanamthitta 689101 India
662 Bharath Vasishta Student Delhi India I've suffered way too much because of Reckless lockdowns imposed. Missed out On my entire college life.
663 Ruchi kandari Student Chamoli Uttrakhand India
664 Laxmi Prakash Survase Job Dombivli India
665 Raja Abbu School owner Hyderabad India
666 Anubha Gopal Student Raebareli India
667 DIVYANSH VERMA Student prayagraj India
668 Kumar Udit Student Patna India
669 Mayank Student in bhu Banaras India Open our college
670 Simran raghav Student GURGAON India
671 Anisha Kumari Study Chhapra India
673 Tirou Coumaran Teacher Retd Puducherry India
674 Amisha Gautam Student Lucknow India Great work keep it up..thank you Bhaskaran Raman for the editorial in the Hindu.
675 Jai Gupta Doctor Kota India Read the article in The Hindu, and I share the same concern. By Shutting down schools,we have already crippled a whole lot of next generation but the time to act is now or we are headed to a calamity.
676 Anna House wife Aluva, Kerala India
677 Mayank Student in bhu Banaras India
678 Manimegalai Chandrasekar Student Chennai India
679 governor student noida India
680 Priya Study Jaunpur India
681 B.chitra school correspondent Coimbatore India I appreciate this initiative to make the schools reopen and bring normalcy in the life of our children
682 Aatam Prakash Student Patna City India Being a student, I know the value of education. I understand that the need of hour is to preventive steps but closing schools is not the proper solution. Instead of this, there must be more proper understanding by government individuals and concerning ones.
683 Mohit Sharma Special Educator New Delhi India
684 Dhawal Jain Final Year Student at IIT BHU Varanasi India I agree with the fact that this lockdown as affected a lot the mental health of kids as well as adults. Kids are not matured enough to deal with that frustation. I believe that school and college should reopen and mental health of students should be given equal priority as physical health.
685 Urja aggarwal Student New Delhi India 👍
686 Angitha s Student Sulthan bathery,Wayanad, kerala India
687 Urja aggarwal Student New Delhi India 👍
688 Shivam kumar Shivam Gaya India
689 Aditya Mishra Student Obra India
690 Bhagavantaray Student GULBARGA India I read an article about school close on The Hindu news paper and want to make others aware of the camping.
691 Prateek Mago Lawyer Panchkula India
692 Sakshi Rana Student Delhi India
693 Hritika Sachan Student Kanpur India
694 Sakshi rana Student Delhi India
695 Anuradha Singh Student Gurgaon India
696 Aindrila Goswami Student Bardhaman India
697 Jishi Thattil School Counselor Ahmedabad India
698 Anshula Kumar Student Bathinda India
699 Bhavya Chandak Student Chandrapur India We students are suffering a lot due to closure of school. Please help us.
700 Radhika sharma Special educator New delhi India
701 Swati Behl Professor Chandigarh India
702 S.Deepa Teacher Tiruchirapalli India I wholeheartedly agree that the offline school should resume. Children are desperately in need of a proper guidance both academically and socially.
703 Deepak Kumar Govt job Kolkata India Open school as soon as possible..
704 Aman Raj Upsc aspirant New delhi India
706 Dhwani Student Hisar India Very nice initiative!
707 Sheetal Bhati Student Delhi- NCR India
708 Sumedha Concerned Citizen Belagavi India
709 Swati Shakya Student Faridabad India I found this initiative a very important for the future of our nation.
710 Harsh Student Patna India Very nice initiative. I found this link from an editorial. Thanks a lot for thinking about children with a logical approach .
711 Aprajeeta Azad Student Delhi India Even I feel that schools are just an easy Option for all to shut. So lets make sure that children do not have to suffer any more.
712 Jayendran V Professor Mumbai India
713 Anjali Singh Student BULANDSHAHR India
714 Sachith N Student Chitradurga India Very good initiative.
715 Mayank Student in bhu Banaras India
716 Arundhati Das Scientist Bangalore India
717 Sagrika Shukla Aspirant Ambala India I would like to extend my services to your initiative as I truly believe children are worst sufferers of pandemic.
718 Sinki kumari Study Bihar sharif India
719 Nachiketa Thaker Student Mumbai India
720 Moni Law student Rohtak India
721 Aarzoo Gupta Teacher Noida India
722 Preeti Teacher Delhi India
723 Ayushi Student Varanasi India Offline classes is must it's all about the future of our country
724 Rosey Mathew School correspondent Kottayam India As an educator I feel it is a total misconception that children carry the pandemic home Parents take children out everywhere including weddings and celebrations which are the hotspots of covid spread. Our children are losing out on their childhoods ds.Hope there will be an.initoative to open schools at least in June when the new academic year commences
725 Priyanka Raghavan Cyber Security Architect Bangalore India I would like my children to go to school in the near future. Hope I can make some difference to make this happen.
726 Lenin Kumar Teacher BENGALURU India
727 Swarnim singh Student Lucknow India Schools should be open for the mental and physical welfare of students
728 Vishwajeet Kumar Software developer Allahabad India NA
729 Chandan kumar Student Nawada India
730 Shubhangi Anand Banker Allahabad India As an educator I feel it is a total misconception that children carry the pandemic home Parents take children out everywhere including weddings and celebrations which are the hotspots of covid spread. Our children are losing out on their childhoods ds.Hope there will be an.initoative to open schools at least in June when the new academic year commences
731 Shivani Kashyap Student New Delhi India “Shutting schools is not answer to omicron”, “We want back to school”, “We want schools, not screens”, “I want to go to school please”, Shutting schools is not cool!!!
732 Anmol Kashyap Student Delhi India
733 ASHISH CHATURVEDI student jaipur India
734 Harshal Sonare Medico Durg India
735 M. SHIVA SWAMY Student Kalwakurthy India
736 Abhishek Ranjan Unemployed Patna India Education is a constitutional right. By closing schools for this long and providing a poor substitute with on line education, we have violated chil dren’s right. Everyone must now speak up for children. 
737 Aryaka Sharma Student Hoshiarpur India Just read Prof Bhaskaran’s piece in The Hindu which sensitised, touched and persuaded me to join this cause.
738 Shailja Dwivedi Civil Services aspirant Delhi India
739 Aqib Student Budgam India I believe that schools should be last to close and first to open .
740 ashu rawat Student Chamoli India
741 Rishabh Raj Student Ranchi India School should be open otherwise future of India is not in good shape we must act together for our children to be smart child physically as well as mentally.
742 Smriti Srivastava Student Gonda India Being a serious note this should this to everyone in the society out there.
743 Anshika Student Chamoli India
744 Nanthi Varma Karthikeyan Engineer Tiruvannamalai India Good step to help childrens education
745 Shubham Mishra Student Delhi India
746 Rishav jha Student DARBHANGA India School remain closure from previous 20 months approx is not good for child's bcoz of there school life and studies in school are hampering and also there mental health issues arising.some kids don't want to study anymore bcoz of poorness and they have not mobile phones or internet connectivity to get benefit of online study. So govt should to open schools and issue guidelines for especially schoolgoers to adhere protocols properly apart from shut the schools continuously
747 Vasudha Korishetti Student Belgavi India
748 Kritika Rastogi Student Meerut India Oky
749 Mahavishnu J Teacher Thiruvannamalai India Well
750 Jumana Topiwala Artist Vishakhapatnam India I would like to see school open and filled with noisy happy children
751 Sudhir Menon Consultant Palakkad /Pune India Wishing the initiative success- we owe it to the young ones
752 Shashank Banakar Sports Analyst Bangalore India
753 Varun Yadv Engineer Varanasi India
754 Saurabh Kumar Bharti UGC-Senior Research fellow New Delhi India
755 Prabhu Accountant Coimbatore India
756 Anousheka Student Delhi India
757 Mahak khatri Study Chamoli India
758 Shemy Teacher Mahe India It's absolutely true let children experience and enjoy each and every moment of there existence... Stop closing schools for silly reasons
759 Mahak khatri Study Chamoli India
760 Sai Student Hyderabad India .
761 Divyam khatri Study Chamoli India
762 Jacob Paul Medical graduate Ernakulam India
763 Lipika sarkar Students Delhi India
764 Sanjay Engineer Bangalore India Don't neglect the education , it will definitely fire back.
765 Swapnil Gera 12 student Kurukshetrs India A good initiative for reopening of school again after 20 months
766 Sania Sabu Student Bengaluru India
767 Malathi GDSBPM Trichy India I really request government to reopen school. We are posting our competitive future at world level. We can't be developed country by future without knowledge. So please open school and college...
768 Sania Sabu Student Bengaluru India
769 Madhavi Malladi Home maker Hyderabad India
770 Mayank Student in bhu Banaras India
771 Kalyani Jayaraman School PSE Chennai India
772 amit retired pune India
773 Swati Tiwari Student Lucknow India
774 Imtiyaz Banking Budgam India I eagerly joined this initiative and expect from it a fruitful outcome.
775 Simran Shyamal Student Madhepura India Government is playing with the future of the student
776 Arpit dhakad Student Bhopal India
777 Debadrito Dutta Teacher NORTH 24 PARGANAS India Remarkable initiative , wholeheartedly support this initiative
778 Narendra Education Chennai India
779 Kailash Upsc aspirant Chennai India Happy to volunteer and make 2022 happy for all our champs
780 MURUGAMMAI K Student Thiruvannamalai India
781 Siddhi Sanap Student Navi Mumbai India
782 Swatimaikhuri Student Dehradun Uttarakhand India
783 Deepesh Sharma unemployed Jaipur India it is better to start the schools and colleges in offline mode since children are getting mentally affected, their developed is stopped from the past 20 months. This is much worse and serious than mild omicron.
784 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
785 Pavan Student Hyderabad India
786 Anchal Kumari Student B.deoghar India
787 Mahesh Kumar Ramamani Consultant Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban India
788 Pavan Student Hyderabad India
789 Kailasam Ramesh Business Tiruvannamalai India No
790 Atul Singh Khatri Student Karnaprayaag, Chamoli, Uttarakhand India
791 SWETHA S Student Madurai India
792 Annpurna Farswan Student Chamoli India
793 Pulkit Student Delhi India Amazing initiative 👍🏼 I hope the school gets open soon.
794 Saudagar Ansar Hussain Student Thane India
795 Annpurna Farswan Student Chamoli India
796 Pragya Student Muzaffarnagar India
797 Magesh Kumar R P UPSC aspirant Chennai India
798 Annpurna Student Chamoli India
799 Parul Student Delhi India Read the article today in The Hindu by B Raman and glad to see that a major initiative is taken by sir for kids. I mysepf has seen the kids in my locality and the so called progress from school closures. Will be happy to join this initiative and surely spread the happiness in 2022. Happy22!
800 Mohamed Farook .M Employed in private company Tiruchirapalli India
801 Man Student Chamoli India
802 Deepika Jain Teacher Delhi India Very much I support of the idea of opening schools . Inclusivity can only be attained by Physical classes.
803 Jumana Topiwala Artist Vishakhapatnam India I would like to see school open and filled with noisy happy children
804 Pooka Teacher Dehradun India
805 Shubham Rawat Student Rudraprayag India Please do much better then your expectations
806 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
807 Chetan Srudent Vijayapura India Govt should consider plea of reopening schools for the better future of children n Country.
808 Rahul kadyan UPSC Aspirant Panipat India
809 DR. PAVITHRA B.H. Assistant Prpfessor Bengaluru India
810 Lokesh Negi Medical Dehradun India There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others
811 Sruthi Private Employee Visakhapatnam India
812 Ritu negi Student Dehradun India I like this chain
813 Anuratha House wife Chennai India Happt child
814 Sneha Singh School Coordinator Bankura India
815 Sahithya Kasiraju Student Visakhapatnam India
816 Geetanjali 9 Doctor Chandigarh India Schools must open at the earliest and there should be no option for online classes
817 Shiv Pratap Singh Student Lucknow India
818 Abhishek G Private Enterprise Hyderabad India
819 Simranjit kaur Student Hoshiarpur India
820 Manas Bansal Student Bareilly India
821 Rekha Rekha Teacher Bangalore India
822 Shweta Mishra Government Service Prayagraj India
823 khetanshu student Jaipur India
824 MOODAVATH VENKATRAM student Nalgonda India it is insane that the state governments not only in telangana alone but all across India have been resorting to illicit means and not allowing them to get education uniteruptedly by just merely citing covid-19 reasons which lacks the scientific logic, while other places which has thev potentials to cause rapid transmission of varient of concern are remain open..
825 Suresh A IT Bengaluru India
826 Anirudh Engineer HYDERABAD India
827 Puja Scholer Delhi India Shut down of schools make no sense ... Schools must be open
829 Lakshmi Poptani Senior Business Analyst Jaipur India
830 Priyanka Student Dehradun India
831 Manisha Saha Teacher New Delhi India
832 Lux Homemaker Bangalore India
833 Shajith Teaching Chennai India
834 Lux Home maker Bangalore India
835 Hanan Architect Hyderabad, India India
836 Khushboo Teacher trainee Delhi India
837 DIPALI YADAV TEACHER LUCKNOW India truly speaking i saw the reduction in the intelligency of children . we should learn from foreign countries which are not locking out schools just for the sake of politics.
838 R MAGESWARAN Student Chennai India
839 Nikhil Student Hyderabad India This is a wonderful initiative. I completely accept the fact that online education has adversely affected the children in many ways. I want to stand strong in this chain for the noble cause. Thank You
840 Amrita Student Lucknow India
841 Khushi yadav Student Prayagraj India # open school. Don't violent our right
842 Veena Home maker Hyderabad India
843 Umaira bano Student Prayagraj India #open school. Don't violet our right
844 Jaya Bajpai Software Gurgaon India
845 Divyanshu Agarwal Student Hisar India
846 Rozi khan Student Pune India You guys have started a marvellous initiative. It's really a need of hour to restore the spirit of education to children through reopening of schools.I wish, to achieve this goal of initiative as soon as possible.Best luck for all.
847 Sonam Student Karanprayag India
848 S M Nazish IT sector Bangalore India
849 TISHA GULATI STUDENT NEW DELHI India this movement will be going to change the mindset of the people. children's education has been affected for a long time. now it's time for us to stand up and join the change for children's cheer.
850 Akash powhari sportsperson DEHRADUN India Dedicated to serve nation!!
851 Anita jaiswal Housewife Ayodhya cantt. India I want school and clgs to open...
852 Babasaheb Jarak Student Pune India I do really appreciate this fabulous work which will help to thousands and thousands of children's, I prey to good for give more engery for doing such a great work 🙏
853 Mukesh Kumar Gupta Banker Khagaria India
854 Ansh Actor New Delhi India Great Initiative !!
855 Shidra khan Student Pratapgarh India Nothing to say☺️🤞
856 Anshu UPSC Aspirant Noida India As a responsible citizen of our country, India,I support this initiative and urge everyone to support, please come forward and speak up for the future (kids) of the country, Thanks.
857 Shidra khan Student Pratapgarh India Nothing to say ☺️🤞
858 Yuvraj Ramesh Sonwane Student Pune India
859 Bijeesh Service Kallekulangara India
860 Jaskaran Singh Self employed Delhi India
861 Bhawesh Gour Student Shahganj India
862 Ranveer yadav Student Pratapgarh India No Remarks/comments
863 SANJAY KAPRI Student Pithoragarh India
864 Ajay Kumar Student Noida India
866 Insha Sayed Student Mumbra, Thane India Today i read about the devastating impact of school closure in the The Hindu Newspaper, and i totally agreed with what Prof. Bhaskaran Raman said. SCHOOLS SHOULD BE RE-OPENED FOR THE BETTER FUTURE OF THE YOUTH.
867 Vikram Pratap Singh Student Jaswantnagar,Etawah,U.P India Hope we can reach to every literate population and come out victorious by strong and dedicated support.
868 ASHISH JHA Student Muzaffarpur India
869 Haridutt Student Chennai India
870 Sayed Nigar HR Mumbai, Thane India
871 Tariq Mohammed Govt. Job Allahabd India
872 Jini Na Chennai India
873 Tariq Mohammed Govt. Job Allahabd India
874 Anjana Mangalagiri Educationist New Delhi India Congratulations for this excellent and urgent intitiative. The closure of schools has affected the education of girls the most expecially amongst the urban poor, in provincial and rural areas who have had to drop out. This is contributing to child marriages as well. It would be nice if the articles that have been published on this issue can also be translated into Hindi and other regional languages and published in the local newspapers.
875 Aqsa Ahmed Student Gurgoan India
876 Gk Student Pune India
877 Aqsa Ahmed Student Gurgoan India
878 Sagar patil Student Akola India Nothing just wanted bright future for our future generation
879 Vandana Sharma Teacher Goraya India Very encouraging initiative. Will surely improve state of education.
880 Rahul Kumar Student Biharsharif India
881 A Mahesh Yadav Student Thorrur, Warangal India
882 Ashu Student Hisar India
883 vartika verma software engineer Ghaziabad India this is indeed best way to start this year with such great goals!!! i hope our steps dont go waster
884 Ashu Student Hisar India
885 Srishti Psychologist Delhi India
886 Shivam Tiwari Finance Executive Lucknow India
887 Anusuya kaliyaperumal student kallakurichi India
888 sravankumar madam Education Hyderabad India
889 Khushi Pandey Student Jalandhar cantt India
890 Sneha Student Gondia India
891 Archana Retired Thane India I wish to remphasize the need to return children to their schools and their natural behaviors and interactions
892 Amisha Jangid Student Jhotwara,Jaipur India
893 Diksha student sonipat India education is our right and duty as well . We should fight for it. After all,We are future of our nation .
894 Mohammad Abdul Sameer Student Kothagudem India
895 KaveriPatil IT Engineer Bangalore India Let Every Child have wonderful memories of his childhood in School's.
896 Richa Rawat student dehradun India good
897 TS Haokhokai Haokip Farmer Churachandpur India Thanks for the platform
898 Mansi Yadav Student Rewari India
899 Sagar Banking Karnal India
900 Jacky D Student Guwahati India
901 Gagandeep Teaching FARIDKOT India
902 Pratibha parihar Student Etawah India
903 Ruksana khan Student Pune India Good initiative.
904 Aarush Sinha Student Prayagraj India I am a student and I am just tired of attending online classes. I want to meet up with my fellow friends and classmates at school. I want the schools to open as soon as possible.
905 Anchal Student New Delhi India
906 Shainky Student Delhi India
907 Aman Student Pune India Good initiative
908 Sai sandeep Undergraduate Gundlapochampally/ Hyderabad India Every child in country should get basic education
909 S.k Student Pune India
910 Sai sandeep Undergraduate Gundlapochampally/ Hyderabad India Every child in country should get basic education
911 Usha Kaur Tuition teacher New Delhi India
912 Piyush Tuition Teacher Delhi India After Mr.Bhaskaran's article I read it. i realised that Schools have must open as soon as possible..
913 Suhasini Sahoo Student Bhubaneswar India
914 Jayashree devi Govt employee Hyderabad India I agree with and give my support to this chain of creating awareness on defying the primary constitutional right of children for school education due to irrational restrictions imposed on children on physical school classes due to covid 19
915 UmaMaheswari Devi Research Scientist Bangalore India
916 Aman Student Pune India Good initiative
917 SINGH VIRSENSINGH SHRIANAND A civil services aspirant Siddharthnagar U.P. India Yes as there in The Hindu newspaper it is mentioned that children are the most affected by this Covid-19 and hence it is now the time has come that even parents alongwith the government take the appropriate measures to ensure that the children are least affected. A very good initiative.
918 Surbhi gupta Homemaker ludhiana India A good initiative....
919 Dr Rajesh NT Pediatrician COIMBATORE India
920 Sahil Student Bhopal India Make schools full of children again.
921 Dr Divya R Doctor coimbatore India
922 Revati Student Indore India
923 Muskan Choudhary Student Karnal India
924 Khushi Rajput Graduate student Ghaziabad India Thanks for raising this issue. It's been a long time now since the school were closed. Nobody is much bothered about the impact of this closure on innocent children.
925 Mausam Student Karnal India
926 Parminder Singh Educationist Amritsar India
927 Regina Mehta Student Shimla India
928 Sambhav Jain Student Kishanganj India
929 Ashish Ranjan Assistant Consultant New Delhi India
930 Priyanka Student Barnala India
931 Natasha Engineering and Product Development Chennai India
932 Himanshu yadav Student Raebareli India
933 Aayrisha Student Mumbai India
934 Shreya Dhar Student Kolkata India I would love to be a part of an issue that has been of great concern to me over the last few months and would like to contribute my bit in order to bring back the normal lives of children in our country and give them their right to education without any delay.
935 Mausam Student Karnal India
936 rohit singh student lucknow India i also think that there is no case of children so that school should we open
937 Deepti Others Noida India Very good movement
938 Sayyed Baqir Student Mumbai India
939 Akhil S Kumar Student Thrissur India
940 Deepti Others Noida India Very good movement
941 Ritesh Raj student Giridih India
942 Garima Arora Student BAREILLY India
943 Shrawani Prerna Student Delhi India
944 Harshit Mishra Student Chitrakoot India
945 Dilip choudhary Teacher Giridih India It is necessary for rural children where online mode of class is not available and school is providing mere recorded videos on the name of online class. Hope this chain make some change in the mind set of authority and will act accordingly to shape the future of our country.
946 Harshita Gupta Dentist Pune India
947 Tanmay Yadav Graduate Jaipur India I would be happy to stand for this at most cause...Bright Upbringing Bright Nation !
948 Tamanna Student Delhi India
949 Neha Student Pune India
950 Divya Krishna Doctor Kadapa India
951 Shashank S R Research Scholar Bengaluru India
952 Aditya Student Chamoli India
953 Shekhartiwari Student Gonda India
954 Seema Kumari Housewife Khagaria India
955 Sandeep Singh Eg Gonda India Afdhhe
956 AJITH K I Govt officer Kozhikode India 9496226465. I promise to do whatever I can to help our children to live a happy and meaningful life
957 Pratima Carreer Langasu India
958 Tempalli Durga Prasad Banker Guntur India
959 Prathamesh Sachin Surve Student Munbai bhandup India Good
960 Nishant Mishra Law Student Delhi India
961 Sridevi Insurance Chennai India I wish schools open, and children grow up normally.
962 Juliet Riya Student kochi India
963 Uma nivas pandey Self employed Lucknow India I am labour child against And i help them for study i give them guidance for study and help so i request to all for support our mission Against Labour child work
964 Abhishek kaushik Doctor Jodhpur India
965 Vishal Choradiya Teacher Bengaluru India
966 M Chethan Student Bengaluru India
967 Ramesh Student Hyderabad India
968 Atul Jha Student Delhi India I would like to join this initiative because i think closing schools for such a long period of time without any scientific evidence that schools are acting as a super-spreaders we as a society have violated children's Right to Education which is a Fundamental Right.
969 Khushi Saluja Student SAGAR India I would contribute my bit in spreading awarenesss to make 2022 more happy for children
970 Huma Siddiqui Student Dehradun India
971 Aastha Education Langasu India Education in India
972 Khyati Jain XII passed Jaitaran India I read your article in The Hindu. It was very insightful.
973 Diya Student Saugor India
974 Shruti tailor Student Jaitaran India
975 Aerish Garg Student Sardulgarh India Colleges should also be targeted as that time is a golden period in the life of a student which instills great values in the lives of children.
976 Arshit Mani Student Dehri On Sone India It's great initiative by so many scholars for opening schools.
977 Sumit Patel Student Bangalore India
978 Shubham Singla CA Student Sangrur India .
979 Sakshi Katara Student Jaipur India
980 Rajasekar G Advocate Tiruvannamalai India
981 deepanker singh student kanpur India
982 Devansh Khanna Student Sagar India
983 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
984 Teja Student Hyderabad India
985 Supriya Kulkarni House wife Bengaluru India
986 Himanshu Student Panipat India A good initiative
987 Ashish Ranjan Singh Student Gorakhpur India
988 Santosh Kanavalli Principal Tiruppur India
989 DEEPAK VERMA Army Bhopal India School should be open.
990 D V Sudha Service Kolkata India
991 Urmil Student Tohana India
992 Afeerah Student Delhi India
993 Afeerah Student Delhi India
994 gayathri undergraduate hyderabad India
995 Ashriya Aneja Student Delhi India A great initiative. ✨ looking forward.
996 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
997 Ayushi Pal Student Muzaffarnagar India I will be happy after seeing this type of content in THE HINDU... and read it complete nad appreciate your thought that what a good deed you have started sir.. 👏👏👏
998 Udit Ojha Scientific Officer at BARC Mumbai India
999 Sadagopan Rajaram Software Engineer Hyderabad India
1000 Ranjith v Student Bengaluru India
1001 Mahalakshmi Ramadas Student Goettingen Germany
1002 GAGAN JAIN Teaching JAIPUR India
1003 Sneha Student Mumbai India It would be better if it was a easy petition which only asked people to join through a simple look since many wouldn't take the initiative of just filling 2-3 boxes even if they agreed to the cause of this chain. But great initiative, i hope we as the chain members are heard!
1004 Adrian Lamonte Pariat School Principal Shillong India A much needed initiative.
1005 KAVITA SHUKLA Student Bhopal India Very great initiative and blessed to be part of this chain as i'm too so much worry & tensed regarding my younger brother and sisters who are in schools.
1006 Armaan ullah khan Student Bhopal India I support this initiative
1007 ajay chandrakant swami Student Chakan India
1008 Abhishek Patel Student Indore, Madhya Pradesh India
1009 Afeerah Businessman Delhi India
1010 Sakshi Student Indire India
1011 Ayushi Student Indore India
1012 Shashwat Swaroop Shukla Student Jaipur India Thanku Bhaskaran Sir , for publishingeditorial in The Hindu about school closure ,you are absolutely right. Yours sincerely Shashwat
1013 Archita Company secretary Noida India
1014 Afeerah Student Delhi India
1015 Afeerah Student Delhi India
1016 Manoj Kumar Gangwar Research scientist Noida, Uttar Pradesh India Yes I agree, schools should not be shutdown due to COVID/corona. Our children's are the future of our country so the education should be always active in schools at any situation. Thank Manoj
1017 J.Arunkumar IT Chennai India
1018 Dharini Mathur Lawyer Delhi India
1019 Hanifa Siddique Student Mango / Jamshedpur India
1020 Veerabhadra Reddy Professor Kurnool India It's a great initiative for a noble cause. Please count on me for any voluntary work to take this mission forward.
1021 Ashmeet Kaur Student Delhi India
1023 Devraj singh Student Sant Kabir Nagar India
1024 Kushagra vishwakarma Student Pratapgarh India
1025 Kunwar Pratap Singh Student Azamgarh India
1026 Anuvinda R Nath Student Kochi India
1028 Darshil yadav student NEW DELHI India what should i say
1029 Jaya Iyer Service New Delhi India
1030 Anupama Ivaturi Researcher Hyderabad India
1031 Mritunjay Kumar PhD Scholar New Delhi India
1032 Vijay Kumar Advocate Mahendragarh India
1033 Babita Khan Principal Guwahati India We have to fight for children's right.
1034 Sheena Teacher Delhi India
1035 Akhil rana Student Sant Kabir Nagar India
1036 Jalaj chawla Student CHITTORGARH India
1037 Niranjan Upsc aspirant Chennai India
1038 Akhil Chawla Student Chittorgarh India
1040 VISHNUNATH J Research Scholar Kollam India During this virulent time, many Childs suffering mental agony and other issues. we try to bring them and care them.
1041 Mani Engineer Bangalore India
1042 Premkumar Education Chennai India
1043 Himanshu Gova Analytics lead Bangalore India
1044 RAJIV PILLAI Finance Professional Mumbai India
1045 Prahlad Kumar Engineer Jamalpur India By closing school further, retarding growrh of nation and next generation.
1046 Yash Khandelwal Data Privacy Analyst Delhi India
1047 Urmila Pillay Teaching Mumbai India Thanks for your efforts and taking this cause up.
1048 Vishnu priya Student Trichy India
1049 Kadambari Chaudhary Student AGRA India
1050 Kadambari Chaudhary Student AGRA India
1051 Uvika Student Lalitpur India I have read the article in the hindu on 25/01/2022 And it's an eye opener for me.. So i would like to give my contribution too. Regards
1052 Komal bhatia Student Himachal pradesh India This is a good campaign. I hope this will work and Awake our government to reopen the schools all over india. Not just education but kids have also forgot the ethical values which they get to learn from physical classes and interacting with the teachers. This is a very big concern as it took us decades to impart the spirit of values along with education in the schools but unfortunately we are loosing it in the backlash of pandemic. We urge the government to reopen the schools ASAP.
1053 Dileep Kumar Signage maker Bangalore India
1054 Shreya Student Ghazipur Uttar pradesh India
1055 Suriya prabha R Student Chennai India
1056 Harini Student Chennai India
1057 Ankit Dubey Student Shahdol India Let our children grow.
1058 9947802377 Educator Thiruvananthapuram India Would like to join the initiative to bring back cheer and joy in our kids.
1059 Dr Nidhi Faculty and consultant THIRUVANANTHAPURAM India Good initiative
1060 Saurabh kumar Student Ranchi India
1061 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1062 Talha Student Delhi India
1063 Mabel Antony Former Teacher Trivandrum India I support this movement wholeheartedly.Its high time to get children back to school.
1064 Riya Student Delhi India
1065 Avani Aggarwal Student Delhi India
1066 Yashika Student Narela India
1067 Aanchal pandey Student Delhi India I want the school to be open because it is losing the study of the students. All shops are open in our city. Everyone has to go out . So why are schools closed why can't go to school So please give the honor of opening the school 🙏🙏
1068 Bhumi Student Sant nagar India
1069 Vansh singh Student New Delhi India
1070 Vansh singh Student New Delhi India
1071 S. Mundayoor Joy of Reading Campaign Activist Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh India Prof Raman's article re: the hapless condition of students, esp rural, due to closing of schools emphatically support the concerns raised by bodies like Azim Premji Foundation, Pratham School Educational Survey etc. While it is essential to voice our concerns before the Govt., the educated elite should also start contributing locally to help students in their neighbourhoods. The Lohit Youth Library Movement in Arunachal has been doing our bit to spread the joy of reading outside the school.
1072 Vansh singh Student New Delhi India
1073 Ridam Gupta Student Delhi India A very ... Good initiative taken by the teachers To arise this hidden problem by the government That why only students have to suffer !
1074 Alfiya Student North West Delhi India It's a remarkable intiative to encourage students .. I will just spread the spirit will encourage others also to be a part of this... It's fantabolus !! ✨
1075 Kanishka Garg Students North-West Delhi India I encourage more and more people to join this Chain and make them a part of this initiative. And hope that school will reopen soon..
1076 Akshita Student Delhi India I take the initiative to spread this petition and spread the golden knowledge about the impotance of education ...
1077 Akshita Student Delhi India I take the initiative to spread this petition and spread the golden knowledge about the impotance of education ...
1078 Mahi jain Study Dehradun India Nothing
1079 Mini Madhu Teacher Thiruvananthapuram India Yes children must go to school
1080 Khushi kumari Designer Delhi India
1081 Katyayani Vajpayee Lawyer New Delhi India
1082 Khushi kumari Student Delhi India
1083 Kartikeya Vajpayee Trader Rewa India
1084 Geetanjali Dhar Travel Consultant Bengaluru India
1085 Shilpa Sethi Student Rourkela, Odisha India
1086 Jashan Sankla Student Delhi India
1087 Umesh freelancer Bangalore India
1088 Muskan Sharma Student Varanasi India Covid has strictly restricted not only school lyf but also a free college life.Online education is nowhere a substitute for the social life and social development that has been hardly hindered.
1089 vatsav student challakere India i found the explaination rational so i support your view.
1090 Shweta Sogani Student Patiala India
1091 Pranay Jain UPSC Aspirant Garla, Mahabubabad, Telangana India It's good initiative. I would like to know more about , what exactly we are supposed to do and how this initiative will help children.
1092 MOLLY ALEX TEACHER TIRUCHIRAPPALLI India As a teacher myself, I find it really painful to take classes without real interaction with the students. Virtual interactions might be the need of the hour but its always the cheerfulness, playful and inquisitive nature of the children in the real class which brightens up the teacher as well.
1093 Saad Ayan Student Delhi India
1094 Neha Chhuria Teacher Delhi India
1095 Suman Homemaker Delhi India
1096 Mehakdeep Kaur Student Bathinda India
1097 Muhammad Fayiz v c Student Mattannur, kannur India
1098 Ayushi Yadav Student New Delhi India
1099 Pooja Kumari Student Delhi India
1100 Sreevidhya S Home maker Chennai India
1101 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1102 Vivek Verma Student Bilaspur India
1103 Luvneet Verma Student North West India
1104 Mrs Kamala Nair House wife Mallappally west India Eye opening article by Mr Bhaskaran Raman in The Hindu News paper. I do agree with the same. I have always been sympathising with all those children out there who were unable to go to their respective schools and have lost their most valuable childhood years in all these unnecessary restrictions. Hope the authorities will understand the children's plight and most importantly the parents who are reluctant and scared to send their children to schools.
1105 Arun Engineer Kottayam India
1106 prerna shakya student bhopal India
1107 Phanibhushan Student @GPREC Kurnool India Very sad to see the current position of the young children. They are missing their time in schools. Needs to change this situation, and let tye children again visit their places where they will be happy. Thanks&Regards Phanibhushan
1108 Pooja Kumari Student New Delhi India
1109 Neha Nain Housewife Delhi India
1110 Bhaveshkumar Yadav Engineer Mumbai India
1111 Anshu Kumari Student Delhi India
1112 Smita Doctor Mumbai India Absolutely agree. It's high time COVID Sca re is done away with and kids get their due.
1113 Dr. Papia Sengupta Teaching KOLKATA India The situation being faced by the kids due to the closure of schools is heartbreaking.
1114 Nidhi Sen Professional Mumbai India
1115 Dr. Jay Sheth Gynecologist doctor Mumbai India
1116 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1117 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1118 Ms. Gauri Kumar Lawyer Gurgaon India
1119 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1120 Mousamee Solanki Student INDORE India Happy to contribute for cause of urgent education significance
1121 Ankit Jha Actor Delhi India Yes, schools should be open as soon as possible. I can see my younger cousins suffering while sitting at home and wasting their time on video games and mobile phones because they have nothing else to do!!
1122 Sterin Joseph student Bengaluru India
1123 Priyancee Student Bihar India
1124 shilpee attree kashyap Teacher Patna India Some days ago, I was thinking how irrelevantly and unreasonably schools have been kept close despite all restraints, not aware of real data of mild impact of COVID 19 in children. This initiative has ushered in rightful cause which was due for quite some time. In this turbulent times, we must protect our children's future and spirited childhood.
1125 Keval Vaghela Student Ahmedabad India
1126 Amri Saxena Founder Charismight Navi Mumbai India I strongly believe the schools should reopen as children today are at greater risk due to other health problems like obesity and mental health degradation.
1127 Yogeshpanchal Student Ahmedabad India
1128 Dharini Mathur Lawyer Delhi India
1129 Sashi Housewife Erode India Happy to join
1130 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1131 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1132 Tanu ojha Student Kolkata India
1133 BADAL Student New Delhi India
1134 Sakshi Student Pune India
1135 Rajesh sharma Teaching Chandigarh India
1136 Rekha kumari Student Patna, Bihar, India India
1137 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1138 G.sravan kumar Inter Hyderabad India
1139 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1140 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1141 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1142 Roshan Kumar Student New Delhi India Schools and college should be open. Because it harms a lot of studies as well as their mental health.
1143 Jyoti Student Delhi India
1144 AMBIKA RAVINDRANATH COMPUTER TEACHER BANGALORE India I would like to actively participate in this program
1145 VIKAS Student Faridabad India
1146 Kratika Student Agra India
1147 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1148 Gargee Yadav Student Lucknow India Illegitimate orders mandating vaccines must be stopped ,especially,by educational institutions.They can't deprive anyone of education merely on the basis of his/her vaccination status.It's our constitutional right.Nobody else has the right/authority over anyone else's body.There must be equal protection of laws.
1149 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1150 Shubham Student Dehradun India We support this chain and great initiative
1151 Shubham Student Dehradun India We support this chain and great initiative
1152 Gouravaram Rajashekhar Editor of Geopolitical Magazine ANANTHAPUR India
1153 Chandramoulee Thiagarajan Engineering Professional Chennai India
1154 Sumit Student Bhopal India
1155 Akshita Researcher Chandigarh India
1156 Deepak Kumar Student Muzaffarpur India
1157 Triyyambika Rao Lawyer Gurgaon India
1158 Rikhil Roy Engineering Ghaziabad India
1159 Sashi Graphic designer Bangalore India Nil
1160 Atul medical representative New Delhi India
1161 Beenu Student Raebareli Australia
1162 Vikash Bandhu Student Delhi India
1163 Palani Balaya Teacher Singapore Singapore
1164 Megha Sharma Consulting lucknow India
1165 Ujjwal Singh Software Engineer Bengaluru India
1166 Dr Gayatri Panditrao BHMS (Homoeopathic Consultant); PGDEMS Pune India
1167 Khushi singh Student Chhatarpur India
1168 Dr GAG Psychologist mediator Mohali India This slow down will make the mental health of kids immensely. Finding measure is important not locking everything down
1169 Gaurika Doctor Rajpura India
1170 Neelam Homemaker Kurukshetra India

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