Happy 2022,
Happy for Kids too

A Clarion Call to Stop Harming Kids in Covid Response

Much of the world’s response to Covid-19 has been in terms of lockdowns, which have been hugely damaging by themselves, especially to the poor and the working class. But the treatment of children in the Covid response has been unconscionable. We as parents, teachers, educationists, doctors, epidemiologists, paediatricians, other professionals, and also as concerned citizens, call for an immediate end to ongoing disproportionate and hugely harmful disruptions to childrens’ lives.

The risk of Covid-19 to children is miniscule, far lesser than other risks we accept as normal part of life. Thus the disruptions to childrens’ lives are of no benefit to them, and are hugely harmful. Each of us adults have enjoyed a normal childhood of learning, play, socialization, arts and music and sports. Each child today deserves the same.

We therefore call for immediate resumption of all schools and related activities for all kids. We also call for:

  1. No disruptive social distancing for kids: This disruption is no longer acceptable, is of no benefit for children, and is hugely harmful to their mental and social well-being, and all-round development.
  2. No emergency-use jabs for kids: Children have not had a Covid emergency anywhere in the world; therefore use of emergency use medical intervention is unacceptable. Kids should not be given jabs whose long-term effects are clearly unknown.
  3. No asymptomatic Covid testing for kids: “Asymptomatic illness” is an oxymoron. Disruptions to schools or other kids’ activities based on such testing is no longer acceptable.

The above measures are still being followed, with the stated goal of virus eradication, or Zero-Covid. Chasing Zero-Covid is not only an unachievable scientific fantasy, it is also hugely harmful to kids. This harm must stop immediately. We owe a normal, healthy, fear-free, anxiety-free environment to kids.

Kids' smiles long overdue
Much harm to undo
Happy 2022
Happy for kids too

Join the Chain-for-Children's-Cheer

The undersigned (each in individual/personal capacity):

  1. Prof. Bhaskaran Raman, Professor, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay [coordinator, contact]
  2. Dr. Amitav Banerjee, Head, Department of Community Medicine, Dr D.Y.Patil Medical College, Pune
  3. Dr. Maya Valecha, MD, DGO, Vadodara, Gujarat
  4. Dr. Arvind Singh Kushwaha, Department of Community Medicine, AIIMS, Nagpur
  5. Dr. Jayaprakash Muliyil, MD, MPH, DR.PH (Epidemiology), Chairman Scientific Advisory Committee of National Institute of Epidemiology
  6. Dr. Gautam Das, MBBS, Physician, A member of GRAPH (Global Rational Alliance for Public Health), Kolkata
  7. Dr. Megha Consul, MD DNB Paediatrics, Fellow Neonatal Perinatal Medicine, University of Western Ontario, Principal Consultant, Paediatrics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Gurgaon
  8. Dr. Deepak Natarajan, MBBS, MD, DM, Principal Director Cardiac Sciences, Supreme Hospital, Delhi - NCR
  9. Prof.(Dr.) Niranjanaradhya.V.P, Development Educationist, Mentor of SDMCs and Chief Advocate of Neighbourhood Common School System through State Funded Public Education, Karnataka
  10. Dr. Srinivas Kakkilaya, MBBS, MD, Physician, Mangaluru
  11. Dr. Balasaraswathy, MBBS, DNB, Dermatologist, Mangaluru
  12. Dr. Firuzi Mehta, BHMS (Mum.) HMD (Lon.) IACH DIHom (Gr.) - Homeopathic physician, Mumbai
  13. Adv. Nilesh C. Ojha, LLB, B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunications), Advocate at Supreme Court and Bombay High Court, National President - Indian Bar Association
  14. Adv. Dipali N. Ojha, LLB, B. Com, PGDBM (Finance), Advocate at Bombay High Court and Supreme Court of India, Head - Legal Cell, Indian Bar Association
  15. Tanya Aggarwal, Lawyer, New Delhi
  16. Nisha Koiri, Naturopath, Member of International Naturopathy Organization, Mumbai
  17. Vimi Rath, Architect and Designer, Gurgaon
  18. Dr. A.L.Manjunath, MD General Medicine, Consultant Physician, HK Hospital, Kengeri, Bengaulru
  19. Dr. Rajeev, BHMS (BNG), Homeopathic Physician, Bengaluru
  20. Dr. Chetan Kumar NG MBBS MD, Respiratory Medicine, Bengaluru
  21. Dr. Banu Prakash A.S., MCh, Bengaluru
  22. Dr. Sandeep, MBBS MD DM (Pulmonology), Consultant Pulmonologist, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Kengeri, Bengaluru
  23. Dr. Raju Krishnamurthy. MBBS, MD, PG diploma in Diabetology, C/O Sagar Clinic & Diabetic Care Centre / Rajus Healthy India , Mudalapalya, Bengaluru

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